Monday, January 28, 2013

The Art of the Sleepover

I don't like to brag. Well, actually I do. It's one of my worst character flaws. I really do try to suppress my desire to brag most of the time, but right now, it's awfully strong. So, I guess I will brag just this one time, and then I promise you I won't brag again until at least tomorrow.

The Wife and I are pretty smart, if we do say so ourselves. We have completely mastered the art of the sleepover. Now, I don't mean to say that we are really good about inviting our kids' friends and cousins over to our house for a sleepover, and then arrange them in geometrically-exact shapes in their sleeping bags. No. In fact, we aren't very good about inviting our kids' friends and cousins over for sleepovers at all. I think in the three years and ten months that we have been parents, we have hosted exactly two sleepovers. The thought of having even more kids in our house at bedtime gives the Wife and me an acute case of the screaming willies.

So, no, I am not bragging about our ability to host sleepovers. Instead, I am bragging about our ability to have other people host our kids for sleepovers! Our kids (at least the two older ones, the Girl and the Boy) get to have sleepovers all the time. It's awesome! The Wife and I have perfected the Art of the Sleepover, and I am happy to tell all you parents out there what our secret is.
The Art of the Sleepover, Rule #1: Always bring a packed bag!
Are you ready for the secret to the Art of the Sleepover? Here it is: We don't ask! If we know we are going to be spending an afternoon or evening at, say, one of the grandparents' houses, we just bring along an overnight bag for the kids, filled with jammies, toothbrushes, a change of clothes, etc. Then, after talking up the possibility of a sleepover on the drive over, the kids automatically go and ask Grandma or Grandpa as soon as we walk in the door. And what Grandma or Grandpa in their right mind could ever say no to two angelic-looking kids like ours? They can't! It's a perfect plan!

Next time you really need a night away from your kids, just follow the instructions I laid out here. The Art of the Sleepover is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. And if not, try it at somebody else's house. As long as it's not mine.

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