Friday, January 18, 2013

The Baby is NOT a Monkey. She Just Dresses Like One...

We have been very fortunate to have received countless bags and boxes of hand-me-down clothes for our kids over the past few years. And if we didn't know someone with hand-me-downs, we have been able to find cheap, gently-used clothes on craigslist several times, as well. I would have to say that 99% of our kids' clothes have been previously used. The only new clothes they ever get are from their grandmas and aunts, usually for their birthdays.

The Baby is currently in an in-between stage of clothes. She fits into some 12-month clothes, but others are way too tight, and some are still too big. Some 18-month clothes are doable, but a lot of them make her look like an 8-year-old trying to wear her mom's clothes. Some times I dress her in those clothes just so I can giggle to myself all day. I think that's a dad's prerogative.

The biggest problem we have going right now, and possibly the biggest problem in the known universe currently, is the Baby's winter coat. She was wearing a real cute fleecy deal all fall, but it was for 6-9 months, and it was fleece, so it was not nearly warm enough once winter hit. At first we moved her into an 18-month coat that the Wife dug out of one of the billion boxes of clothes we have in our basement, because there did not seem to be a 12-month coat anywhere in the house. The 18-month coat was really big, but at least it kept her warm.

The Wife knew there had to be a 12-month winter coat somewhere in the house, since the Baby's older sister, the Girl, was, at one point in time, a 12-month-old who survived the winter. So there had to be a coat floating around somewhere. But, where?

Well, the Wife finally did find a 12-month coat hidden somewhere in the bowels of our house , but it wasn't one that any of us had remembered ever seeing before. We are not entirely sure where it came from. It possibly was in a bag of clothes we bought off of craigslist, or maybe it was a hand-me-down from someone. Whatever the case, it appears to have come from a family of monkeys. The main body of the coat fits the baby very well, but the sleeves are at least four inches too long. And the sleeves look even longer because there are mittens that have been surgically attached at the end so they can't be removed. The mittens make the sleeves appear to be another 4 or 5 inches longer than they really are. It's really quite comical how silly the Baby looks while she's wearing this coat. But, like the 18-month coat, it's keeping her warm, and with the high temperature being -2 in a couple of days, we'll keep putting her in it.

She should grow out of this coat in a few months, so if yours, or any family you know, is a family of monkeys, let me know. We can hook you up.

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