Thursday, January 3, 2013

What a Celebration!

Today we celebrated the life of my wife's Grandma Millie. It was an awesome celebration, with beautiful music, touching remembrances, and hundreds of people who Grandma Millie had touched in some way over the years. Sure, there were a few tears shed, mostly by me, but I am getting a reputation as the family blubberer, so that's cool. Funerals have a tendency to do that to me, for some reason.
Grandma Millie getting surprised by two of her great-grandchildren a few years ago.
Despite the tears, the entire day went very well. We decided to bring all three of the kids into the church sanctuary with us for the funeral service, which some people probably thought was crazy, but we wanted them to be with us, as long as they didn't get too stir crazy. I am proud to announce that all three did beautifully during the service. The Girl and the Boy both sat quietly (for the most part) and colored, and the Baby fell asleep in her Aunt's arms.

The Boy did get a little whiny when his mommy and her three sisters all went up in the front of the church to sing. He wanted to go up and sing with his mommy, but I was able to get him to be happy just watching her.

Other than that, all three kids got through both days - yesterday at the visitation and today at the funeral and lunch afterwards - with flying colors. Both the Wife and I are very proud of them, since we both expected much more chaos than we got. Once life gets back into a more normal routine, I'm sure the chaos will return. For now, we'll just enjoy it while it's gone.

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