Monday, February 25, 2013

Action Figure Utopia

You may recall that I have already written about all the cool Thomas trains we have in our house. The Boy loves to play with them, and I have conceded that I do, as well. Those aren't the only toys our kids play with, though. Oh no. Somehow we have accumulated what seems to be acres and acres of toys in our basement. Some of them, primarily the toys aimed at newborns and infants, don't get played with very much any more. But most of them get fairly regular use, so I guess we'll keep them around for a while longer.

Aside from the trains, some of the favorites in our house are what I would call action figures. They aren't action figures in the "Star Wars" sense of things, since they don't have removable guns or photon torpedoes. But most of them have movable arms and/or legs. Some of them might more accurately be called dolls, since they came with the dollhouse we inherited from the kids' Aunt C. and Uncle J. But when I think of dolls I think of bigger things made out of fabric and filled with stuffing, and the dolls I am writing about are small and made out of plastic.

The action figures our kids like to play with come from all different facets of kids' life. Along with the aforementioned "dolls", which include a dad, a teenage daughter, a baby, and two(!) moms, we also have several Sesame Street action figures, a bunch of characters from Jake & the Neverland Pirates (a show on the Disney Channel that our two oldest kids absolutely love), a Smurf, Strawberry Shortcake, a huge assortment of Little People, a bunch of animals from the Littlest Pet Shop, and various assorted action figures that I played with when I was a kid.

This very fuzzy photo depicts how the action figures that live in our basement get along so well together. Notice Jake, Strawberry Shortcake and Cookie Monster all doing their part to keep the pirate ship on course. I think maybe I'm spending too much time with small children...
These action figures play out scenes throughout our basement, sometimes on Jake's pirate ship, sometimes in the dollhouse, sometimes in various vehicles we have. Whatever the case, they all get along wonderfully in the confines of our basement. It's pretty much a utopian environment where everyone gets along, whether they have a unibrow, crazy pink hair, blue skin, two(!) wives, or even a terrible cookies-only diet. Maybe we could all learn something from the lowly action figures...or not.

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