Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Miss My Mommy-In-Law

This may seem foreign to a lot of people, but I really love my mother-in-law. She's the best. Except for when she goes out of town. That upsets me. When she leaves, I miss her very much. Especially if she is gone on a Wednesday, because that means I have to watch all of our kids, instead of just the Baby. Yes, Wednesdays are the day the two older kids, the Girl and the Boy, usually head over and spend the day with my mother-in-law.

I am writing about this because my mother-in-law recently went out of town and will be gone, not for one Wednesday, not for two Wednesdays, but for three whole Wednesdays in a row. This is bad. I mean real bad. OK, it's not that bad. But it's not good, either.

This past Wednesday was the first of the three consecutive Wednesdays that the mother-in-law will be gone. Overall, the day went pretty well, except for two instances. Both of these instances revolved around the Baby. You would think that since she is the least mobile of the three hooligans, she would be the least likely to get into trouble. That, at least this past Wednesday, was not the case.

It all happened while we were playing downstairs. The Boy and I were really getting into our, I mean his, trains. The Girl was playing with her dollhouse, and the Baby was crawling from one end of the basement to the other, checking out everything we were all doing. She had settled on playing with the plastic kitchen we have, having fun opening up all the doors and drawers and playing with the toy foods. That's when the first moment of badness happened. I had my back turned to her, but I heard the commotion; she had pulled the entire kitchen over on herself and was laying helplessly underneath it. It looked bad. Thankfully she was only frightened, and didn't have a scratch on her. In reality, the worst part was having to pick up all the toy food that was strewn about the place. Especially since the Baby was too "shaken up" to help me. Babies...(shaking my head.)
This is a recreation of the first crime scene, with Scout playing the role of the Baby. 
The second predicament occurred a few minutes later, and was surprisingly similar to the first, only this time the Baby pulled the baby gate over onto herself. Again she laid helplessly underneath it, but this time it didn't look nearly as bad. She still cried, though, as though something like that had never happened to her before. You'd think she'd be used to having heavy things fall on top of her by now.

This is a recreation of the second crime scene. Again, Scout is playing the role of the Baby.
After the hectic Wednesday we had this week, I am really looking forward to the day my mother-in-law gets back in town. Only two more Wednesdays without her. I wonder what the Baby will find to have fall on her next Wednesday?

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