Monday, February 4, 2013

Is That a Dog, or a Furry Baby?

I don't often wonder what babies are thinking, probably because most of the time I assume they aren't thinking at all. They're babies. They have a brain the size of a raisin. If Mommy and Daddy weren't around they would live on dog food and sit around in their own poop all day. I mean, come on.

However, this morning I was wondering what our current baby, the Baby, might be thinking about all the dogs in her life. She is constantly being bombarded by dogs, no matter where we take her. We have two dogs at our house, my sister-in-law has two dogs at her house (which often travel with her to wherever else we may be hanging out), and my sister has a dog. But, all these dogs are different in many ways, so do you think the Baby even realizes they are all in the same species, or does she think they are all their own, sometimes annoying, animal? Let's look at the facts, shall we?

First of all, our two annoying, yippy dogs are very different from each other, despite both of them being annoying and yippy. Toby is friendly, loving, happy, and fluffy. He lets people, even the Baby, pet him, scratch him, cuddle with him, and even jump on him, at least once. He is about the most laid back and malleable dog there ever was. Gromit, on the other hand, shows his teeth and starts to growl at anyone who gets within 5 feet of him. The Baby doesn't seem to understand these signs of aggression, oftentimes mistaking them for signs of love, which she then tries to bestow upon Gromit with hugs. Thankfully Gromit as learned that the Baby really wants to give him hugs, which he hates, so he usually gets up and leaves before she can reach him.
This is a contemplative photo of the Baby, contemplating the differences between dogs. She can be very contemplative, for a baby. Also, I am not sure who took this photo, but it was on my camera, so I will take credit for it.
The sister-in-law's dogs are equally different. Max, the old, tired chihuahua, is happy leaving the Baby alone while he barks incessantly from his perch up on the sofa. Minnie, on the other hand, can't get enough of the Baby, jumping on her, licking her, and generally annoying her as she crawls around the house. Minnie would love to do that to everyone, but the Baby is the only one at her eye level, so she gets the brunt of it.

What do you think the Baby thinks of all these crazy dogs? Does she realize they are all of the same species? Does she know that they all evolved from the wolf? Or does she think they are just furry babies, crawling around like she does? The world may never know. And nobody but me may ever care. That's understandable.

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