Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a Baby Explosion!!!

There has been a baby explosion at our church over the past few years. And I don't mean that a newborn just blew up from having too much gas. I mean our relatively small church has a lot of small children attending it. Instead of an explosion, let's call it a bonanza.

I would like to say that we were the ones who kicked off the bonanza with the birth of the Girl almost 4 years ago now, but that wouldn't be entirely true. Another set of parents had a baby a couple of years before us, so I should probably admit to myself and the world that they were the ones to start the baby bonanza. Let's just say that before the Girl was born it was more like a baby trickle, and then when we started pumping out our babies the real bonanza started. Saying it that way makes me feel better about things, and let's face it, this is my blog so my feelings are the only ones that matter.

So, now at our church we have babies and toddlers all over the place, and more on the way. Every week the 2 & 3 Year Old Sunday School class is more like a zoo, with toddlers running amok like crazy animals. I know this because two of the crazy animals are mine, so I see what it's like when I go to pick them up after class; and the Wife is one of their teachers, so every other month, when it's her turn to teach, I hear all the horror stories in gory detail.

The nursery, although not quite as loud and frenetic as the toddler class, always has at least a handful of babies doing the normal baby stuff, like crawling, pooping, and wailing and gnashing their gums.

Actually, this past Sunday, every baby in the nursery was able to wail and gnash their teeth, or at least their tooth, except for the Baby. She was the oldest baby in there, yet she was the only one who didn't have any teeth. She, like her older sister and brother, is a late bloomer when it comes to getting teeth. Both the Girl and the Boy were around 13 months old when they got their first tooth. 13 Months is really late to get teeth. The Baby will soon be 11 months, and there are no signs of teeth anywhere in that tiny mouth of hers. I have often said that I enjoy having babies that get their teeth later than most, because toothless grins are so cute. But I have to admit I felt a tiny pinch of jealousy knowing that all these other younger babies already have at least one tooth. I guess I always thought my kids were going to be the best, smartest and fastest at everything in life. But, I guess I need to admit that they can't always be just like Daddy. Oh well.

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