Friday, February 22, 2013

Sequences, Hanson-Style

Who would have ever thought that the late-December death of the the Wife's grandma, Grandma Millie, who has been memorialized on this blog many times already, would lead directly to my finally starting to get in shape, whether I wanted to or not? On the surface, these two things couldn't seem any less related. But, in fact, there is a definite correlation. Let me explain.

As you may already know, Grandma Millie passed away on December 30th at the spry old age of 98-and-a-half. She was a wonderful woman, and hundreds of friends and family members gathered at her visitation and funeral service to celebrate her life. It was an amazing time. But, like always, life moved on, decisions had to be made, and changes started happening. Grandma Millie was actually our kids' great-grandma, so her son and daughter-in-law, who we will call Grandpa D. and Grandma R., decided they were going to move into Grandma Millie's house. They wanted to make a few changes to the house, though, including painting everything, putting a new floor in the kitchen, etc. Because of this, I took my big toolbox and all my tools over to Grandma Millie's house, and left them there. That way anyone who happened to be working could have them at their disposal.

This seemed like a good idea that was working just fine, until yesterday. Yesterday, after I dropped the Girl off at preschool, I noticed one of the tires on the van was looking a little low. No problem, I thought to myself, I will just stop at the gas station by our house and fill it up, free of charge. Wrong! The air hose at the gas station was not working properly. Maybe it was frozen? Who knows.

OK, not a problem. I will just plug in my air compressor at home and fill it up, lickety split. Wrong! I got home and realized the air-filler-upper fitting (that's the technical name for it) for my air compressor was in my toolbox, 20 miles away at Grandma Millie's house.

OK, no problem. Our friend Mike was planning on coming over any way. We could just ask him to bring his air-filler-upper fitting from his air compressor, which he did. But did it work? No, because my air compressor wasn't working. Must have been frozen like the one at the gas station. Ugh.

OK, no problem. Mike just happened to have his air compressor in the trunk of his car. We could take that out and fill up the tire, lickety-split. Right? Wrong! His compressor wasn't working, either. What was going on here? Mike thought it, too, might be frozen, so we brought it inside to warm up for a while. That did the trick, so, finally, we got the tire pumped up.
So, Grandma Millie must be watching my tummy grow from up in heaven. Why else would we get a flat tire right now?
All was good with the world. Until this morning, when I went out to brush the fresh snow off our vehicles and noticed (NOOOOO!!!) that the tire was not only low, but pretty much as flat as a pancake. This was not good news because I still didn't have my air-filler-upper fitting, and Mike had gone home last night, taking his air-filler-upper fitting and air compressor with him.

I couldn't drive on the tire the way it was; that might ruin the rim, and definitely render the tire unfixable. I didn't necessarily want to lay in the snow to get the spare out. I didn't want to call AAA out to fix it. If we were stranded somewhere, that might be another story, but having AAA come out to fix a tire while the van is sitting in my own driveway seems a little too weeny of a thing to do, even for me.

So, I did what I had to do. I got out the old bike pump, and pumped up the tire by hand. This was not the first time in my life I have had to do this, but I do hope it's the last. If you've never pumped up a car tire by hand, you don't know that it takes a LOT of pumps to fill it up. And pumping that many times is a lot of hard work. I was working muscles that hadn't been used in decades. My core (whatever that is) now hurts like a mimmy-jimmy. It hurts when I blink, and my belly button has been involuntarily puckering and unpuckering all morning. I'm a mess. But, at least I got the tire pumped up, and I got a good start on my next exercise regimen. If we lose another tire in the near future, I'll soon be ready for an Ironman competition. I sure hope and pray that we don't.

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