Monday, February 11, 2013

The Girl's Dolls Are Growing Up

As you may have heard, we got a second set of bunk beds for our house. Some ridiculous people have accused us of doing this because we are getting ready to have yet another baby, and we will need somewhere to put all of our hooligans. This could not be farther from the truth. We are definitely not having another baby.

We simply got the second set of bunk beds because our two oldest kids, the Girl and the Boy, have been wanting to sleep downstairs, away from their 10-month-old baby sister, the Baby, who sometimes has a tendency of doing baby-like things, such as crying at all hours of the night. Up until now, when the Girl and the Boy have gone downstairs to get away from their sister, they have been sleeping on our queen-sized blowup mattress that we use when we go camping. We thought having a set of bunk beds down there would be better, and take up less floor space, so we got some.

The Wife and I were working hard at getting the new bunks set up the other night, a job which included cleaning up the room so that we could have some space to work. In the midst of cleaning up, we made a startling discovery: the Girl's dolls are growing up and becoming young women. The first, and now that I think of it, only, clue to this fact is that somehow, somewhere, all of her dolls started to wear makeup.

Two of the Girl's dolls, with what appears to be lipstick all over their faces. Silly dolls, don't they know that lipstick only goes on their lips? Dolls can be so silly sometimes.

We're not sure where they got it, but one thing is obvious: they aren't very good at putting it on. Maybe because they didn't have a good mirror to work with. Or because they don't have opposable thumbs. Whatever the case is, next time they should ask for help. I'm sure I know a 3-year-old girl who would be happy to assist them!

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