Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hey Ma, Get the Shotgun!

It was an interesting drop-off at the Girl's preschool this morning. It seemed like just an ordinary day at first. I had my normal semi-success at herding the three kids into the building, with just a couple of detours by the older two, when they stopped to look at the snow next to the sidewalk. They have been completely surrounded by snow for the past 5 months, yet they still have to stop and look at it when Daddy is trying to get them to go somewhere. It can be quite aggravating.

Anyway, I finally got them into the building and inside the Girl's classroom. That's when it started to get interesting. The Wife and I have known for a while that one of the Girl's best friends at school is a little boy, we'll call him Josiah. Other than Josiah, though, the Girl only talks about other girls when we ask her about school. Today made me think that Josiah might not be the only boy we have to worry about.

First of all, the Girl was taking her coat and backpack off and hanging them up in one of the little cubicles that are there for that purpose. A little boy, let's call him Pierre, came in just after us, and started to hang his coat up at the other end of the row of cubicles. But, he must have decided he didn't like that cubicle, since he started moving towards the Girl, eyeballing each empty cubicle as he went. Finally, he chose the cubicle right next to the Girl's, where he hung up his coat and backpack. His Grandpa, who was dropping him off, said "What, you gotta be right next to your girlfriend?!" At that, Pierre turned a bright shade of red and slunk away to the other side of the room.

After the Girl got her coat hung up, yet another boy, we'll call him Eddie, came charging up to the Girl and asked her is she wanted to go play with the blocks with him. Before I could blink they went off to play. She didn't even give me her normal good-bye hug. I'm not sure she even knew I was still there.
I found all sorts of t-shirts online with this slogan on them. I'm not sure that D.A.D.D. is a real group, but if not, I think I may start it up. Who's with me?
I know the Girl is very cute, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready for all the attention the boys in her class are giving her. I'm thinking I need to gather them all up some morning before class and have a few words with them. It won't be anything too deep - they are only 3 or 4 years old, after all. I just want to make sure they know how dads, in general, want their little girls to be treated. And maybe scare them a little. I think that's my prerogative.

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