Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The White Screen of Death

Our new cell phones are scheduled to be delivered today. I am super excited. My phone hasn't been working correctly for a week or more now. And I feel lost. Actually, if I were to be honest for once in my life, I would admit that very few people ever call me, so it's not a big deal. In this case, being honest makes me sad, so let's forget about honesty for a while, shall we?

I think I was working at my part-time job at the Fly Shop when it all started. I got a text from someone - let's assume it was the Wife, since nobody else ever calls me (sob) - and I started to type out my reply when the screen wigged out on me. I think that first time everything turned upside down and then went black, so it was impossible for me to respond.

After that first night, the screen worked occasionally, but most of the time everything on the screen would start out upside down and backward, and then it would go black. Eventually the screen just went completely white. No words are ever visible, whether right-side-up, upside-down, or backward.
Oh man, I can't wait to get my new phone!

The White Screen of Death, as I have started calling it, has kept me from being able to text at all, since I can't see what I am writing, and it has stopped me from calling all but a few select people. In the age of cell phones, I have become a complete moron when it comes to remembering people's phone numbers, since I usually just scroll to their name and hit send.

In the past week I have only been able to call the Wife, whose number is the only one I have ever bothered to set up with a speed dial number; my parents, who still have the same phone number they have had since I was a kid, back when I had enough brain cells to actually memorize number sequences; and my two places of employment, because those two numbers have been ingrained in my head just by sheer repetition. 

Today, though, all that will change. My new phone should arrive,  and I will be able to call and annoy everyone who has ever made the mistake of giving me their phone number. If I don't call, I will surely text - my new phone will have my first Qwerty-style keyboard, and I can foresee my fingers hurting tonight after typing an endless number of messages. It's been a long week, and I have a lot of things to get off my chest. Consider yourself warned.

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