Sunday, March 31, 2013

What an Awesome Easter!

Happy Easter from Chaotic Kids & Clutter! We had a wonderful day of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, starting early this morning. We got all the kids up and threw their best Easter duds on as quickly as possible, and then were out the door on our way to church for a delicious Easter breakfast. We had as much yummy egg bake, muffins, and mixed fruit as we could stuff into our mouths. Well, actually, the Boy ate my muffin, after he had already eaten his, but I assume it was good, because the Wife baked it. She makes really good muffins, and I'm not just saying that because she happens to be looking over my shoulder as I type this.

After breakfast, some of the youth from our church put on a fun skit depicting the resurrection story. I have to assume that was good, too, but I can't be sure because I didn't pay close enough attention. I'm not sure if that's because our kids were causing so much havoc that I couldn't concentrate, or I was nodding off after filling my tummy with good food. That part of the morning was kind of a blur.

The Easter service was great, and the sanctuary seemed especially full, which is always fun. It was indeed a joyous morning of celebrating.

After church we headed over the the in-laws' house for dinner. Every Easter and Thanksgiving since the Wife and I have been married, our two families have eaten dinner together. At first I was a little worried that my mom and my mother-in-law might get into a brouhaha over what kind of pickles should be served (the correct answer is always Baby Dills, by the way), but there has never been a problem, not even the slightest dust-up or most minor of melees, so the tradition has continued on. Today's Easter dinner was especially good. I don't know who brought the green bean hotdish, but it was superb!
Nothing is more fun than mixing a little golf into your Easter celebration. As long as nobody gets hurt! 
After dinner, I gave the kids their Easter presents: the Girl, the Boy, and the Cousin all got their very own golf club. I have been making custom-fit golf clubs for many years, so I made some extra-small clubs for the kids. They all seemed to really like them, and even successfully hit some of the foam practice golf balls around inside the house without causing anyone any severe bodily harm. Even the Baby, who has a tendency to crawl up to people without their knowledge, was able to stay out of harm's way during all the backswings. Nobody got hurt (at least not as a direct result of the golf clubs!) It was a wonderful day of celebration. Happy Easter!

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