Monday, April 29, 2013

The Baby is Flitting, Whatever That Means...

My brain has been so rattled lately that I can't really remember what I have blogged about and what I haven't. We, as a family, have so much stuff going on right now that I am having difficulty keeping everything straight. I can't even remember if I ever blogged about the Baby finally figuring out how to walk, and that's a pretty big milestone when it comes to being a human. So I should have blogged about it, but now I don't seem to recall that I ever did.

So, I will now. Hey, did you hear that the Baby is walking?! It happened about three weeks ago. The Wife's sister came over to hang out one night, and she, the Wife, and I made a kind of Triangle of Adults in our living room, and the Baby just all of a sudden started walking from one adult to the next. Actually, she didn't seem too interested in walking toward Daddy's point on the triangle, but she did placate me by walking in my direction a couple of times. 

Since that night, her walking skills have grown in leaps and bounds. She started out walking much like Daddy used to on those rare nights when he had had a couple too many beers, and now is pretty much flitting around the house like a graceful ballerina. She hardly ever falls over, and when she does, she gets right back up and starts walking some more. She has even taken up the habit of carrying around one of our nearly-empty buckets of sheetrock mud while walking all over. She seems to have mad skills, as the hip people say.

Now that she has mastered the art of walking, the Baby's next milestone will be getting her first tooth. She has cemented our family's place in history as having the oldest children ever to get their first tooth. If she makes it another two weeks, which would put her well over 13 and a half months, she will be the oldest of all our children at the time of her first pearly white. I'm not sure if that is something to be proud of, but, since I've become a daddy, I can be prideful of just about anything. It's all very exciting! 

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