Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Rise and Fall of Led Zeppelin

Today I think I am going to write about music. I'm not really sure why I chose to write about music, other than maybe to get my mind off things. Actually, there's just one thing I want to get my mind off of, and that is our front yard. It is a fine front yard, and it serves the purpose that a front yard should, quite admirably, most of the time. The reason I want to get my mind off of it right now is because the three-foot-high snowpack that we've had all winter is finally melting, and in its place is a front yard that is completely littered with dog poop from the past few months. I know, I know that I should be better about going out and picking it up as soon as the dogs do their business. But, c'mon, it's cold outside during a Minnesota winter. You would have left it, too.

So, I am trying to get my mind off that, and my mind naturally wanders to the topic of music. I love music. Listening to music is one of my favorite ways to while away a day. I think I can safely say that I have a very wide ranging taste in music. I could paraphrase Donny and Marie Osmond and say that I'm a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, a little bit disco, a little bit heavy metal, a little bit polka, a little bit hair band, a little bit dance music, and so on and so on. My friend, Mike, thinks I have a very eclectic taste. I just think that there's a wide array of good music out there, and it can be found in every genre you care to listen to, so I listen to a lot of different genres.

I should probably clarify that and say that I have listened to a lot of  different genres. Nowadays, I have pared down what I listen to quite drastically. That probably is because I have children, and some of the music from my past probably wouldn't be totally appropriate for the kids to hear. Let's just say that we don't listen to Rage Against the Machine in the house any more.

Nowadays, we listen to a lot of top-40 radio stations in the car. That is something I never used to do, but since getting married and having kids, I have become a fan. Here in the Twin Cities, there are several radio stations that I switch between when driving around with kids in the car. I usually start at KS-95, then go to KDWB, then try K-TWIN, and finally go to JACK-FM. JACK plays a lot of songs from my youth as well, so that can be a fun station.
This is an old photo of Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin. He can really yell when he wants to.
The other day, I had all three kids in the car, and I couldn't find a good song on any of the aforementioned stations. So, I checked out some other stations that I like. I landed on one that was playing "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin, one of my favorite hard rock bands of all time. Figuring that  there weren't any bad words for the kids to hear, and that they probably wouldn't be able to understand any of the words any way, I left it on that station. The kids sat in silence in the backseat for a minute or two, until the Girl blurted out "Daddy, why is that person yelling so much?!?" After explaining that some musicians like to yell when they sing, I put it back on KS-95 and listened to the latest song by some group I can't remember now. I guess Led Zeppelin is an acquired taste.

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