Friday, May 24, 2013

Bubba, the Ring Bear

In the midst of all the chaos that has engulfed us while we are trying to get our house ready for sale, we are about to leave it all behind and head to the exotic, balmy, and possibly tornadic climate that can only be found in the great states of Kansas and Oklahoma. That's right, bright and early tomorrow morning, or as early as a family that contains three toddlers can, we will be heading off in our nondescript gray minivan to join all of the other nondescript gray minivans on our nation's highways.

Unlike the other nondescript gray minivans, though, we aren't just traveling for the long Memorial Day weekend. Oh no, we will be gone a total of 9 days, the first 4 1/2 of which will be spent in Kansas, and the last 4 1/2 of which will be spent in Oklahoma. We have family in both of these states, and are excited to see them all on this one trip.

The main reason for the trip is the wedding of one of our nieces. She and her extremely tall fiance will be getting married on June 1st, in Bartlesville, OK. It promises to be a fun-filled event, but there is the distinct possibility that there might be some chaos thrown in as well. That's because two of my three children are going to be in the wedding party: the Girl is going to be the flower girl, and the Boy is slated to be the ring bearer.

I have no doubt that the Girl will do just fine as the flower girl. After all, this is already going to be the second time she has played that part in a wedding. Our good friend, Rachel, used the Girl as her flower girl when she was just a little over 14 months old (records indicate that this may qualify her as the youngest flower girl in the history of western civilization! Proud Daddy Moment!) She did just fine then, so I fully expect her to be able to handle it like a crusty veteran, now that she's 4.

The Boy might be a different story. He can be known to be a little squirrelly, so if any chaos ensues, I would bet it will happen when it's his turn to walk down the aisle. I'm not entirely sure what he might do, but the fact that he actually thinks he will be playing the role of "ring bear", instead of "ring bearer" might give us a hint. No matter how many times we tell him that, no, it's not ring bear, it's ring bearER, he can't seem to hear that last -er syllable with his 2-year-old ears. 

I can just see him now: Halfway down the aisle, he'll throw his little pillow up in the air, and shout out "I'm the ring bear! RAWR!", while showing his claws to everyone who is lucky enough to have an aisle seat. You're going to wish you got there early.

Maybe this won't happen. Maybe the whole wedding will go off without a hitch. Maybe Daddy's crazy imagination is even crazier than the reality of having two of my kids as part of the wedding party. We'll just have to see. One thing is for sure: I'm going to be videotaping the whole thing, just in case...

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