Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hanson Travelogue 05-30-13

As you may have heard, all of us Hansons, plus Grandma D, crammed ourselves and a majority of our stuff into our early model, high mileage, somewhat-dependable gray minivan, and headed out to the highway. Our first stop was the fun and windy town of Derby, Kansas, to visit my Aunt and a bunch of cousins. Actually, if I were to be honest, our first stop was at a seedy gas station, barely across the border in Iowa. I thought we would be able to get farther than that before our first stop, but that was as far as the Girl’s 4-year-old bladder would allow us to get. 

In Derby, we had a great time just hanging out, and going to the park approximately 4 billion times. When you have a 2-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 6-year-old in your midst, the park is a popular place. There was a real nice and big park very near my cousin’s house, and another nice, but much smaller, park that was even closer. The smaller park, despite being small, was home to a fluffy pine tree that apparently was very inviting to all of the kids. The 6-year-old, Cousin Alex, proved to be very adroit at climbing trees, reaching the very tip-top of this aforementioned pine tree at least 4 times. My kids, the Girl and the Boy, were not nearly as adroit, reaching 1/3 of the way up before getting covered in sap. That was the end of their tree-climbing.

Other than going to the park, the Wife and I spent most of our time in Derby dealing with the Baby. Now, looking back on things, it seems as though there were very few moments in which the Baby was happy, or even only slightly ornery. Fully engulfed with rage would be a more accurate assessment. She probably wasn’t actually that bad, but the fact that she was “sleeping” with us in our room, where we could hear every little scream, probably made it seem worse than it really was. The whole thing has made us truly excited to get home, where she has her own room. I will take this opportunity to apologize to all of my cousins for her behavior. I promise we won’t come back for a long time.

From Derby we made the short trek to the southeast to the booming metropolis of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. When I say booming, I really mean booming: the thunderstorms haven’t stopped since we’ve been here. I guess we should be happy that the thunderstorms aren’t tornadoes, what with the recent history of twisters in the state.

This has been the view from our room ever since we got in Oklahoma. Nah, you can tell I'm kidding, because there are way too many trees in this photo for it to be Oklahoma!
Other than the thunderstorms, the activities here in Bartlesville are revolving around our niece’s wedding, which will be happening in a couple of days. Tomorrow things will get interesting, as we head over to the church for the rehearsal. This will be the first formal opportunity for my kids to wreak havoc on the wedding, as the Girl will be the flower girl and the Boy will be the ring bearer, or ring bear as he calls it. I'm sure they will find some way to cause some chaos. Maybe we will luck out and they both will get it out of their system at the rehearsal, and spare the actual wedding. Could we ever be so lucky?  

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