Monday, June 3, 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well, we made it back to Minnesota after our whirlwind trip through Kansas and Oklahoma. Not only was it a whirlwind because of all the driving we did, but also because high winds and tornadoes were all around us. We were never in danger, but apparently there was a small twister that touched down just about 20 miles from where we were at one point. We were in Bartlesville, OK, for the second half of our trip, and we just had high winds and lots and lots of rain there. Ponds that had been dry for several years were now overflowing. I think most people were pleased with all the moisture. I felt as though we were at least slightly responsible for the weather, since we have had a wet and dreary spring in Minnesota, and it just seemed as though we brought it with us to the parched south. You're welcome, Oklahoma!

Other than the weather, the trip revolved around our niece, Kayla, and her wedding to her extremely tall husband, Cameron. To be more precise, in my eyes, the wedding actually revolved around my two oldest kids, the Girl and the Boy, who performed flawlessly in their roles as Flower Girl and Ring Bearer, respectively. I didn't actually see much of the other parts of the wedding, as I was primarily watching my kids to make sure they didn't do anything in front of everyone that could potentially ruin the event, such as lift up their dress (the Girl), throw the ring pillow at one of the bridesmaids (the Boy), or set the church on fire with the unity candle (either of them).
The Flower Girl & the Ring Bear, along with all of the other cousins from the Wife's side of the family. I've heard it was a beautiful ceremony.

And I had to spend part of the ceremony walking around, trying to soothe the Baby, since she was especially restless and loud right as the pastor started to speak. So, in all actuality, I didn't really see any of the actual wedding stuff, like the exchanging of vows, putting rings on each other's fingers, or even the first kiss. I'm not entirely sure they actually got married. I better find out for sure so I know who to address their Christmas card to. Going from hot Oklahoma to cold Minnesota makes me think the holidays will be here quicker than we think.

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