Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The 25 Days of Summer

We all know that summer is not just 25 days long. Even in Minnesota, where it snowed several times in May this year, summer lasts longer than just 25 days. It's my prediction that it will be at least 26 or 27 days until it snows again here, of course I've always been somewhat of an optimist.

I didn't come here to write about the weather, though. No. I came to write about the phenomenon that occurs every year at about this time. It always lasts exactly 25 days. And, when I look back on it, it always starts on the exact same date: June 12th. June 12th is an awesome day. Flowers are in full bloom. Local ponds are alive with the sounds of Spring Peepers and other frogs. Butterflies fill the air during the day, and June Bugs slap themselves silly against the windows at night. Life is full of summertime activities. And we celebrate the birth of my beautiful bride, the Wife.
I was actually looking for a photo of a birthday cake, you know, with candles and stuff, but I couldn't take my eyes off this photo. It looks so good I almost licked my computer screen. That would have been weird...
Yes, June 12th is the Wife's birthday. And, every year, June 12th is the beginning of a stretch of 25 days in which I am giddy, no matter what life is throwing at me. Because, for the next 25 days, the Wife is a year older than I am. Yes, she turned the corner to the ripe old age of 3? on June 12th, and I don't turn 3? until July 7th, 25 long days later. And, being the nice guy and adoring husband that I am, I don't let her forget that for a single moment during those 25 days. Today is Day 13, the exact mid-point of the 25 days, so I only have 12 more days to gloat. Until next year on June 12th, when the cycle will begin anew. I can't wait.

Ah yes, isn't this a wonderful time of year?

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