Friday, July 26, 2013

Buy My House, Please!

I don't think it's possible to really know how much stuff you own until you decide to sell your house and move. Once that happens, all of your stuff becomes apparent, and every new pile of stuff you find that needs to be packed up and hauled to your new house brings you one step closer to total psychological collapse. At least, that's the case with me. I kept finding more and more stuff that I had forgotten about, but even forgotten stuff needs to be moved. It seemed like moving was a never-ending process.

It hasn't helped my already meager amount of sanity that we were moving all of our stuff into our new house that still had some of my in-laws' stuff in it because their new house still had most of the stuff in it from the Wife's grandma, who was the previous inhabitant. So, essentially, all of us are trying to cram three houses' worth of stuff into 2 houses, which can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if you still want to have room to walk around and/or sleep.

We eventually did get all of the stuff out of our old house that we wanted to, while leaving most of the furniture to help it look "staged".  We also got most of the minor things fixed that needed fixing, and, lo and behold, our house was finally ready to go on the market. I think our realtor was beginning to think we may never get it ready, since we had initially contacted him about selling it almost 5 months ago.

We did get it ready, though, and when all was said and done, there were a lot of people interested in it. Showings were scheduled almost immediately, and we even got an offer within 3 days or so. Sure, it was way, way, waaaaaaaaay lower than what we were asking for, but it was a start. And, thankfully, there was another offer a couple of days later! Now we could choose between one really low offer and a second, even lower offer. What a conundrum we were in. Should we take the first offer? Should we take the second offer? Should we just burn the house down and take the insurance money? What should we do?
I'm going to miss the old place...

Selling our house was becoming more stressful than I had ever imagined it would. Why couldn't it just go smoothly, with one interested buyer agreeing to pay exactly what we were asking without any bickering, and paying us in one big bag full of cash? Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

Well, somehow, that is pretty much what ended up happening. A third, much higher, offer came in while we were hemming and hawing over the first two offers, for almost what we were asking for, and, lo and behold, they are going to pay cash. It couldn't get any better than that. We are very excited, except now we have to get all the rest of our stuff out of the house. I think we may have to buy another house to fit it all...


  1. Congratulations! I hope it all goes smoothly.

  2. Thanks Adrienne and Laura! We hope it goes smoothly, too, but what in life ever does?