Monday, July 15, 2013

The Word of the Day, Vol. 1

It probably doesn't seem like it according to some of my posts, but I really do believe that my kids are not only beautiful and/or handsome, but also brilliant. The Girl set the bar pretty high when she was just a wee toddler, since she was talking and able to have fairly in-depth conversations with us by the age of 15 months or so. OK, maybe I am remembering her ability to speak in a slightly exaggerated way, but at one of her doctor's appointments around that time, her pediatrician informed us that she should be able to say about 20 words or so, and when we were finished counting all the words she could say, we got well over 200. Needless to say, on that day at least, both the Wife and I were duly impressed with our own parenting skills!

Well, the Boy didn't display nearly the same abilities with words that his older sister did, at least at such an early age, but that's OK. His speaking skills are really good, and, compared to the Girl, he is slightly less prone to punch his siblings for no reason, so he's got that going for him.

The Baby is just now learning how to say a few words. She loves to scream "MOMMA!!!!!" at the top of her lungs, usually when we are eating at a crowded restaurant. That always turns a few heads. She also is quite proficient at saying "Bubba", which is what we call her brother. She also says "Hi" and "Bye-bye!". She says "Dadda" every once in a while, but just as often she'll call me Momma. I am not offended by this, although if it happens at the aforementioned crowded restaurant, I look around and act like she's talking to someone else.

To help our kids get even more competent with the English language, I thought it would be fun to start a "Word of the Day" column every once in a while here on the old blog. I won't do it every day, but on the days I do, we will make it a part of our nightly ritual. The Girl and the Boy always want to read a billion or so books before bedtime, but on the days I write a Word of the Day blog, we will read them that instead of books. It will be a fun time of learning for everyone!

So, without further delay, here is today's Word of the Day:

in·sane [in-seyn] adjective
1. The state of mind that you, our children, put Mommy and Daddy in every day, usually before 8 A.M.
2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a person who acts like Mommy and Daddy after you get out of bed: insane actions; (maybe we would be better off in) an insane asylum.
3. utterly senseless, like the way you act towards your siblings, even though they have done nothing wrong.
Example: What were we thinking, having three kids so close together in age? Were we totally insane?!?!
So, that's our first Word of the Day here at Chaotic Kids & Clutter. I hope you can use these columns to further educate your own kids. If you have any suggestions for words you would like definitions for, don't hesitate to let me know. I will elucidate them so everyone can easily ascertain the proper connotations.

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