Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A 200th Blog Post Retrospective

We here at Chaotic Kids & Clutter went a little crazy during our 100th Post Gala Extravaganza a few months ago. Maybe a little bit too crazy. But, we were young, dumb, and full of enthusiasm, and we like to think that we have matured since then, or at least gotten a few months older. And with age comes wisdom, I like to say.

So, for our 200th blog post, we are going to tone things down a little bit. Gonna keep things on the down low. Gonna stay within ourselves and just play our game. And we're going to stroll down memory lane and take a look back at some of the highs and lows of Chaotic Kids & Clutter throughout the years.

We'll start this retrospective back at the very beginning. OK, it's not the very beginning, but it's the earliest memory I have during my time here on God's green earth. I was a shy but plump 2 year old, with the cutest little bowl cut you've ever seen.You would think that life couldn't get any better: I had a loving mom & dad who took care of me, and my older sister was just starting kindergarten, so she didn't have nearly as many opportunities each day to punch me. You would think that I wouldn't have a care in the world. Yet, I recently found this note that I had scribbled in one of my coloring books. I consider it my first "blog entry" even though personal computers weren't around, the internet was a foreign concept, and if you said "blog" to someone they probably would have thought you were making vomit noises. Anyways, the note I found said this: "How can I learn to be potty-trained if mommy forgets to buy more Cheerios? Doesn't she know I need something to aim at?!?!" It's funny how, despite all the years in between, I always seem to be writing about potties...Weird.

My sister, Squeaky, and me, being Native Americans
I found another "blog entry" I had scribbled on the back of a carrying case I kept all my Hot Wheels cars in when I was around 4. We had just recently gotten our first real pet, a cat named Squeaky. We had had a couple of goldfish and some hamsters before Squeaky arrived, but they quickly disappeared once the cat moved in. Squeaky and I grew to be very close, but at first I must have thought of her as a rival: "Mommy & Daddy brought a mangy old barn cat home the other day. Maybe if I let her use my leg as a scratching post, mommy & daddy will freak out and get rid of her..." Well, over the years Squeaky used my legs, my arms, and every other part of my anatomy as her own personal scratching post, but my parents never thought about getting rid of her. In fact, it almost seemed to draw them closer to her...hmmmm...

I like my tube socks the best!

Looking back at old photos, I now consider any notes written on the back to be a form of "blog entry". Here's what I wrote on the back of this one, from when I was about 8 or 9: "Today I caught the world's smallest trout. It looks even smaller compared to the world's largest hat that I was wearing." Apparently I considered the rest of my attire to be highly fashionable, as I'm sure it was back then...If you can't tell for sure, yes, I was quite the ladies man back in the day.

FYI, that's just a root beer that Eric is drinking.
I also wrote on the back of this next photo, which was taken during my High School graduation party. It's a photo of my good friend, Eric, and me in front of my parents' house. Here's what I wrote: "Sure am glad I got my mullet to grow out before graduation. Otherwise I would have looked like a complete tool. And I finally bulked up to 115 pounds. Woohoo!"

I must have had mean friends if they let me walk around like this...
Finally, I found a journal that I wrote in for about a week back in the mid-90s. I had stuck a photo in it, next to a passage that said this: "I think things are looking up for me. I found a beard style that's really cool, and this awesome t-shirt I got free from Blockbuster is sure to impress the ladies! I am truly living life to the fullest!" Why didn't anyone tell me I was such a dork?!?!

Any ways, I hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. And I hope you have enjoyed the first 200 posts here at Chaotic Kids & Clutter. I invite you to stick around for the next 200. You never know what might happen.


  1. I bet I know where you got the Blockbuster shirt...your loving, adorable, sweet, older sister!!