Friday, September 6, 2013

A Stinky Situation

The Boy is about as silly as a 3-year-old with limited brain power can be. Not to say that his brain power is limited compared to other 3-year-olds, just that all 3-year-olds' brains are limited, you know, because they're only 3 years old. In fact, relatively speaking, I would like to say that he is quite a brilliant 3-year-old, but what kind of a Daddy would I be if I didn't say that?

Any way, his limited brain power makes him say silly things sometimes, both when he is actually trying to and when he's not. The other night we were all sitting around the dinner table, having what I thought was a very pleasant time, when I said something very casual to the Boy, something along the lines of "Do you want any more carrots?" or something like that. He got a scowl on his face, and said with a very stern voice, "Daddy, don't talk at me like that!" I'm not exactly sure where that came from, but it didn't make me very happy. It was hard to get mad at him, though, when his Mommy was laughing hysterically in the next seat over.

I don't think he was trying to be silly that time, but most of the time he is, and a lot of the time lately he tries to be silly by using the word "stinky".

"Look at those stinky socks!" he will say to pretty much anyone he encounters who is wearing socks (that's most people, if you haven't noticed).

Or he will ask "Can I have some more stinky carrots?" A-ha! I knew he wanted more carrots!

Last night at the dinner table, it was obvious that he was enjoying his rice more than anything else on his plate, since the rice was gone, but the chicken and broccoli hadn't been touched. But, when asking for more rice, he said "Can I have some more yummy, stinky rice?" Most normal people wouldn't call their favorite food "stinky", would they? I'm asking you because I am far from normal...

I think he's trying to be silly during times like these, but maybe it's possible that his limited brain doesn't actually know what the word "stinky" means...Looks like it might be time for another Word of the Day blog!


  1. I think he's probably just confused about which form of the word to use. I bet he really means, "Can I have some more stinkin' carrots?!?!" :)

  2. Eric, I think you are either on to something, or you're on something...