Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dogs Are the Worst!

Everyone has left me. I am all alone in the world. Life is sad...OK, just until Sunday. But, even in just a few short days I have the innate ability to get lonely and depressed when my wife and kids go on a trip without me. I went to a seminar last night after work, and when I got home I fully expected that our two annoying and yippy dogs would greet me and love me and keep me company, but instead they saw that I was the only one coming home, and they left me and went to wait at the door for someone better to arrive. I think they would have been happier to see a burglar walk in. Dogs are the worst! The above drawing is of my view from my sad and lonely chair. Maybe they'll come hang out with me when they run out of food and water. If they're lucky maybe I'll decide to fill their bowls.....

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