Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grandparents: Reasons to be Thankful

If you are living under a rock somewhere, or are in some faraway non-American land, like Azerbaijan, you may not know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I suppose if I was a normal blogger I would feel compelled to make some kind of list of all the things I am thankful for on such an occasion, but let's face it, I am far from normal. The only normal thing about me is that I have 2.5 kids, just like the "average" U.S. family. But soon enough the Baby will turn 2, and I figure that's about the time she'll finally count as a whole person, so even that part of my life will become abnormal. To make a long story even longer, I am not going to make a list of what I am thankful for.

There is one thing that I am extremely thankful for, though. Actually, it's four things. Those four things are the kids' grandparents. They are almost always willing to take at least some of our kids if we get into a pinch, and have regular days each and every week in which they willingly take them for hours at a time. I never said they were sane, just that they were willing. And for this probable insanity, I am grateful!

Sometimes they are even willing to take one or two of the kids for a sleepover. Although, for some reason, sleepovers have become fewer and farther between than they once were. I blame myself. I haven't done the necessary work to make sleepovers happen. I may have mentioned this before, but the Wife and I have stumbled upon the best, most foolproof way to make sleepovers happen: we don't ask!

Yes, the best way to ensure a sleepover at the grandparents' house is to just show up with a bag packed with pajamas and whatever else your child may need to spend the night. Then, when your children walk in to say Hi to grandma and grandpa, just teach them to ask nicely if they can stay. What grandparent in their right mind could say no to such angelic faces? It is physically impossible for them to say no. It works every time!
I would get the kids some pizza sleeping bags for their sleepovers at the grandparents' house, but they have mushrooms on them, so our kids would probably refuse to get in them. Kids are so picky sometimes!
The only problem is, the Wife and I have to remember to implement it, and we need to make sure we have a packed bag waiting in the car at all times... Lately we haven't done those things very well. But, what better time to try again than the night before Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving morning is always a lazy day for grandparents, any way, right? Might as well have one, two, or three kids around to liven things up a little. Now, we just have to figure out which grandparents will be the victims, I mean, lucky winners. Yes, which ones.....?

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