Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2+1 = Disaster!

Apparently the Wife and I aren't very good at math. Even though one of us, who shall remain nameless, majored in Math Education in college. The other one of us was a Marketing major, and we all know people with a major in Marketing don't know their prime numbers from a rhombus, so I, I mean whoever the Marketing major is, shouldn't be expected to be good at math. But, it turns out neither of us are.

If we were good at math, we would have seen that adding another child to the two children we already had would not add up to a happy and content household. We pretty much learned that as soon as we brought the youngest home from the hospital 21 months ago or so, but if we were smart we should have seen it coming.
This is the type of math we do around our house. Seems logical to me... Courtesy of tonterias.com

Several of our closest fiends, I mean friends, warned us when we announced we were pregnant with the Baby that we were about to be outnumbered. Although that is true, the fact that there is one more child than there are parents in the house has not been a big contributor to the added stress levels. Most of the stress has happened when all three of the kids try to play together.

For some reason our kids are only able to get along nicely while playing when there are only two of them doing the playing. At first the Wife and I thought the problem was that the two older kids, the Boy and the Girl, didn't like their baby sister, the Baby, and didn't want her to play with them. When she would come around they would invariably try to push her out of the picture, metaphorically speaking, which would cause much consternation on her part, and lead to much consternation on our part, as well.

Lately, though, it seems as though the Baby isn't necessarily the problem. The problem is the math. Apparently three kids is not a happy equation, no matter which of the kids is the odd one out. If the Girl and the Baby are the only ones playing, they are starting to get along beautifully, for the most part. If the Boy and the Baby are the ones doing the playing, they can go for a long time, sometimes even an hour or more, without taking a swing at each other. But when all three of them play, it only takes a couple of minutes before someone is crying.

So, it looks like we have to do some creative math to make things work around here. Do we segregate one of the kids at all times? Do we find some toys or games that need three people to make them work? Do we ship one of the kids off to Istanbul for the next 20 years, and if so, which one? Should we flip a coin? Do we have another kid and then pair them off in groups of two? Definitely not. So, Istanbul it is! Anybody got a three-sided quarter I can borrow?


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE "3" and the "2" of you, also!!!! Judy

  2. Thanks Judy! Merry Christmas to you and yours!