Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Public Apology to all of New Brighton, MN, and all Surrounding Communities

The amazing thing is that we have lived in our current neighborhood for about six months now, and this is the first time that I can think of that I need to apologize to all the neighbors. You'd think I'd be in double digits by now...

Yes, I feel I need to apologize to my neighbors for my behavior last Wednesday morning. Wednesdays are my day to take the kids to Preschool, but things weren't going all that smoothly. We were having a difficult time getting out of the house in a timely fashion. Actually, we were having a difficult time with life in general. It's funny that now, a week later, I can't even remember what everybody's issues were, but I can clearly remember that, as I was trying to get all three of our children into their boots, hats, mittens and winter coats, I was surrounded by crying. Not just one of the kids; no, not even two of the kids; but all three of the kids were in hysterics - crying, howling, and throwing themselves on the floor. I was very close to joining them. It was enough to make me want to pull my hair out. Or scream, which is what I did.

Yes, I reached my boiling point and let out a nice loud "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" at the top of my lungs. I'm pretty sure that anyone walking within a 12 block radius could have heard me, but thankfully it was bitterly cold and we had gotten about 10 inches of snow overnight, so nobody in their right mind would be out walking. My scream did just about scare the Boy out of the boots I had just worked so hard at getting on him, though. The fright only stopped his hysterics for a millisecond - he went right back to his wailing and gnashing of teeth as soon as he realized I was not a crazed homicidal maniac. Just crazed.

My cherubic angels were not any more cooperative when we went out to get in the van. We were already very late for Preschool, but none of them wanted to cooperate by getting in their carseats. Since I had already screamed once, I figured why stop now? So I belted out something along the lines of "WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST GET IN YOUR SEATS?!?!?!" That's when I looked over and saw my neighbor in her driveway, cleaning the snow off of her car. Actually, she had stopped cleaning the snow off her car, and was watching me, I assume because she wanted to see what her madman neighbor might do next.

So, any way, I feel I need to apologize. To anyone who was within earshot of my tantrum at approximately 9:10 AM last Wednesday, December 4th, I am sorry I acted that way, and I am sorry if I caused you or your family members any distress. I promise it won't happen again. Although to be safe, if you live within 12 blocks of us, maybe you should invest in some heavy-duty earplugs for Wednesday mornings... 
This is a very realistic artist's rendering of the situation that occurred last Wednesday, except the artist forgot the other two hysterical children...



  1. Thank you, Anonymous! I am glad you liked it. Tell all your friends! :)