Monday, December 9, 2013

Look Out, We're Having Another Stud Party!

"When is Scott going to post another one of his hilarious blogs?"

"Why hasn't he written very much on his blog lately?"

"Has there ever been any blogger in the history of the world who is as cool as Scott?"

You've probably heard all of these questions being uttered by inquisitive people over the past several weeks. Heck, maybe you've even been the one doing the uttering. And, who can blame you? My blog posts have been suspiciously paltry as of late: only three posts in the entire month of November, and this being just my second of December. I could go with the normal, boring excuses, like not having as much time because it's the Holidays, or my fingers froze in the -25 degree windchill so I can't type, or I'm actually spending some quality time with my kids for once in my life. We all know that those things wouldn't keep me from my computer keyboard, though, so there must be another reason.

There is another reason! I have been spending more and more time renovating our basement. Yes, the new house came with more mold than we anticipated, so I ended up tearing down most of the walls in the basement, and have started redoing them from scratch. Lately I have mostly been putting up new studs, so, since I am a very immature person, whenever I head downstairs to do some work I tell myself there's going to be a real "stud party" down there. I think it's good to have inside jokes with yourself. Mostly because when people see you laughing for what seems to be no reason at all, they tend to leave you alone. 

Aside from the seemingly limitless joke possibilities, we soon will be ready to hang new sheetrock. After that we'll get some new carpet; and in no time we'll have a finished basement that we can exile our children to when we need some quiet time. I need to stop blogging so I can hurry up and get it done!

Hopefully our house won't end up looking like this when I am done renovating things, but with my handyman skills, you never know what the end result will be...

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