Thursday, December 19, 2013

Missing: A Father's Intuition

I have absolutely no intuition, at least when it comes to the kids. I never know what's about to happen, or what should happen, or even what could happen. Most of the time, I don't fully comprehend what is happening, even if I'm seeing it with my own two eyes. I am a very reactive daddy, but at least I think I react in the proper way most of the time, except for those times when I don't. Thankfully you don't know about most of those times...
Generally speaking, I don't have a clue...

Yes, I don't know if there is such a thing as a father's intuition, but I know that I don't have one. Maybe other fathers develop an intuition, but I sure haven't.

The Wife, on the other hand, has developed one of the most amazing mother's intuitions I have ever witnessed. Or maybe she was born with it. Who knows. What I do know is that she can see things coming a mile away. Somehow she always seems to know what milestones are about to occur, and what we as a family should do to get ready for them.

Take last week, for example. One of the days that the Wife was home with the kids, she made the decision to try the Baby out in a bed during naptime, instead of in her crib. Remember, this is a child who has been ornery since the day she was born. Why would we ever want her to be free to roam around the room without any supervision, breaking, tearing, and ripping everything she can get her grubby little hands on? I was assuming we would probably keep her in her crib until the day she goes off to college.

But the Wife saw something in the Baby that told her it was time to move her into a bed. And, lo and behold, she was perfectly content and happy during her nap. She didn't roam around at all, and nothing was broken, torn, or ripped, at least that we could find. And she's been sleeping in her bed, both at naptime and at night, ever since, with only one minor catastrophe, when she fell out and bonked her head. Other than that, it's been the smoothest transition in the history of mankind.

But how did the Wife know? What did she foresee? What takes place in the minds of mommies? Us daddies may never know...


  1. Yup! Mom's just "know!" A Very Merry Christmas to All! Judy Patton

  2. Yup, mom's seem to know, but I sure don't get it! Merry Christmas to you, too, Judy!