Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How To Ring In The New Year With Your Plethora of Small Children

Don't get your hopes up. It's not possible. What is possible is putting the kiddos to bed at a decent hour, and then spending a lovely and relaxing evening with your beautiful bride. That is exactly what I did last night. And it was wonderful!

Actually, the first part of our evening was spent crashing a New Years' Eve party for accelerated adults (that's a term I just came up with for old people) at my in-laws' house. We only stayed for 45 minutes or so before the excitement became too much to handle, and we loaded up the kids in the ol' gray minivan and went home.

All three of those kiddos were in their jammies and snoring up a storm in no time, so the Wife and I settled in to watch a classicly weird movie from the 90s, Being John Malkovich, which I had never seen. If you've ever seen it, you know that it may be the weirdest movie in the history of mankind. Before we watched it, the Wife said something to the effect of "It's strange. I think you'll like it." Not sure if that was a compliment or not, but I did rather enjoy it.

The excitement continued when the Wife and I played several rousing games of Yahtzee. Don't fool yourself, Yahtzee has the ability to turn friends into foes, and husbands against wives. Thankfully we got through the match with very few fisticuffs. If you ask nicely, I will gladly show you my scars...
If the Wife's Yahtzee skills are any indication, she could have rolled this in one try. Photo courtesy of

After the movie and the grudge match, we had about 45 minutes to spare until midnight. We flipped the channels a few times before the Wife decided to watch the end of an episode of the acclaimed British drama, Sherlock, which she had begun watching earlier in the day. There was a problem with our DVD player though, as it didn't seem to want to communicate with our wifi, so the Netflix wasn't working correctly. We tried everything, including unplugging it several times, turning it off and on several times, and my tried-and-true way of fixing intricate electronic gadgets - banging it against the nearest concrete wall/floor. Finally, the Wife thought maybe we should unplug the modem. Lo and behold, that did the trick! Jubilation erupted throughout the two of us! Then I looked at the clock and realized it was 12:07 AM...we had missed the arrival of the New Year. Oh well, hopefully we'll have lots more New Years to ring in in the future.

Happy New Year from Chaotic Kids & Clutter!! 

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