Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Fool and His Plan, 9 Years Later

Despite the fact that my two oldest children, the Girl and the Boy, have been working diligently at writing out Valentines' cards for all their friends, acquaintances, and mortal enemies at Preschool, and the fact that they keep bringing home heart-themed projects from said Preschool, and the fact that every other commercial on TV has been Valentine's-themed lately, I can't believe that tomorrow is actually Valentine's Day. Somehow, despite all the warnings, it has snuck up on me.

Really, when it comes right down to it, the Wife and I don't usually do much to celebrate Valentine's Day. As I look back on the Valentine's Days that we have spent together, the thing that keeps popping into my mind is not a Valentine's Day, but the day before our very first Valentine's Day we spent together, oh so many years ago...

I remember it like it was yesterday, but in fact it was exactly 9 years ago today. At that point, the Wife was not the Wife; she wasn't even the Fiancee; she was the Girlfriend, and we had been dating for either 8 or 6 months, depending on which one of us you ask. However long it was, we weren't getting any younger, so I thought I better get this show on the road, so to speak. I had spent many hours learning about and shopping for the perfect engagement ring, and had finally found a beautiful one that sparkled real nice. I made a meticulous and theoretically fool-proof plan to pop the question on Valentine's Day, you know, because I wanted it to be unique. Nobody ever gets engaged on Valentine's Day, right?

Remember when I said my plan was fool-proof? Apparently I didn't take into account the fool that was trying to pull it off. The entire evening of February 13th I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't sit down. I couldn't think straight. All I could think about was popping the question the next day, and what I was going to say, and how I was going to do it, and I kept changing the script in my brain every 30 seconds.  I was a mess.

Finally, I decided I couldn't wait any longer. So, at about 11:00 on the night of February 13th, I drove over to where the Girlfriend was working, a very romantic locale known as Oak Meadows Assisted Living, and proposed on the sofa in the lobby. Thankfully there weren't any elderly people watching, or I would have been even more nervous. And, also thankfully, the Girlfriend said yes, so for the next 5 months she was known as the Fiancee, until she became the Wife.

It is hard to believe how much better life has gotten in the 9 years since that day. The Girlfriend has turned into the most amazing Wife I could have ever asked for, and now we are blessed with a chaotic house full of crazy kids that keep me laughing and smacking my head each and every day. Who would have known what I was getting myself into 9 years ago? Happy Getting Engaged Anniversary, Connie! I love you! And, Happy Valentine's Day, tomorrow, to everyone reading this! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Dear Wife, this goes out to you! At least, the sentiment does. Not really sure why there's a gerbil in the pic...


  1. Ahhhh, so sweet! I didn't remember you got engaged at Oak Meadows!

  2. Yes, well, I wanted it to happen at the most romantic place I could think of. :) But really, it might as well have happened there, that's where we met. Awww...