Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's Time to Jump Like a People

We had a funny dialogue with the Boy last night. It was well after lights out time in his bedroom, a room which he is currently sharing with his older sister, the Girl. They are sharing his bedroom because the Girl doesn't want to sleep in the same bedroom as the Baby, although at some point in time, that is the plan. The Baby's sleeping habits aren't quite as predictable as the older two kid's, although if the Wife and I were to sit down and count how often we are awakened by each individual child, I think it would be a very close race.

Actually, just the Wife should do the counting, because most of the time I sleep right through everything...

Any ways, as I mentioned, it was after lights out time for the two older kids, and the Wife and I had settled down in front of the TV to vaporize a few brain cells. All the kids should have been asleep, or at least in the early stages of drifting off, but there, in the doorway of the TV room, stood the Boy, looking like he needed to ask us something.

Here is the exact conversation that happened:

The Boy - "Mommy, how can we jump like a people?"
The Wife - "What was that?"
The Boy- "How can we jump like a people?"
The Wife- "I'm not sure what you mean..."
The Boy- "How...can...we...jump like a people?" (I think he thought if he slowed down a little bit, it would make more sense to everyone.)
The Wife - "Sweetie, it's time to go to bed."
The Boy - "But Mommy, we want to jump like a people..."

The Wife then got up and ushered him back to his bedroom. About 30 seconds after she came out, we heard a knock on their bedroom door, so I got up to see what was going on. This time it was the Girl, asking if she could come out and talk to her Mommy. Since it may have been the first time any of our kids asked a question nicely the first time, without us reminding them to, I relented and let her come out. She came out and told us that the Boy was confused, and instead of asking how they could jump like a people (we still have no idea what that was about), he was supposed to ask if we could come in and help him find his Mickey Mouse slippers.
One of the slippers that led to all the confusion...

I did help find his slippers, and everyone settled down quickly, except for the Wife and I, who racked our brains for a while trying to figure out what it means to jump like a people, and what that has to do with Mickey Mouse slippers. The world may never know...

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