Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Latest "Masterpiece"

I am not much of a painter. In fact, I have really only painted two pieces of "art" in my entire adult life. I put art in quotes there because some of you may not think my paintings deserve the name. I did use to draw a lot. In fact, at one point in my life, which seems like decades ago now because it was, I was an Art and Art History major at college. But, during that one year, I never took a painting class, just drawing.

That lack of knowledge regarding painting hasn't stopped me though. If you are one of my loyal readers, you may remember that my first "masterpiece" (again, some of you may not agree...) was a mural I painted on the wall of the baby's nursery in our old house. I finished it a few days before we brought our first child, the Girl, home from the hospital, almost 5 years ago now, and it was still there each time we brought another child home.

For that first "masterpiece", I decided to paint an underwater scene of a pond with some cartoony trout and other wildlife swimming around. I was mostly pleased with how it turned out, although there were a few things I wished I had done differently, the most glaring thing being the fact that I painted it on a wall. If you've never moved from one house to another, you may not realize that it's a tad difficult to bring an entire wall with you. So, when we decided to sell that house, the mural got painted over with some Dutch Boy Bee's Nectar to match the other three walls in the room, and it won't be seen again until some archaeologists realize that there's a "masterpiece" buried under what will probably be another 25 or 50 coats of paint, in about 400 years. (For the full story of the last days of my first "masterpiece", read this.)

As sad as it was to see my artwork covered up, it really only made me more excited to paint another "masterpiece". I have slowly been working on it over the past couple months, and I think I am finally finished, so as soon as all the walls in our basement are up and painted, it will be installed. It is fairly similar to my first "masterpiece", although the trouts are slightly more realistic looking, there aren't any turtles, and I included several "happy trees", as Bob Ross would call them.

I even made the decision to paint it on canvas, and not directly on the wall, so now, if we ever move, I can take my "masterpiece" down off the wall and bring it with me. The only downfall I can see is that, if the Wife ever gets sick of it, she can take it down off the wall, and throw it in a dumpster. Maybe painting on a wall isn't such a bad idea... 
This is my latest "masterpiece". It was laying on the concrete floor in the warehouse at work when I took this, but soon it will grace one of the walls in our newly renovated basement at home. The photograph doesn't do it justice. If you could see it up close you would notice that it's on a par with the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and all those other famous works of art. If I do say so myself...

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