Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Half of a Haircut

Things can get pretty crazy around our house. Toys can get left out. Clothes can be strewn about in odd places. Holes can be torn out of walls and/or floors and left uncovered for weeks on end. Dogs can leave "gifts" wherever they deem them to be necessary, whether we think they are necessary or not (they never are). And things can get halfway finished, as in the case of Toby's latest haircut.

If you don't remember, Toby is our annoying but friendly dog, not to be confused with Gromit, our annoying but grumpy dog. Both of the dogs need the occasional haircut, but Toby is the only one friendly enough for us (the Wife) to do it. Gromit is so grumpy about getting his hair cut that we take him in to a professional doggy stylist, and she earns every penny, believe you me.

 The Wife thought it was about time for Toby to get cut, since spring will soon be here, and the actual outside temperature has gone from frigid to just below freezing. That's known as a heat wave here in the Most Inhospitable Place On God's Green Earth, otherwise known as Minnesota. Us native Minnesotans have already started shedding our heavy winter coats and started wearing our bermuda shorts and flip flops, which can be a little slippery on the ice, but we're used to it.

Any way, it was time for Toby to get his haircut, which, despite his rather diminutive size, can take quite a while. The Wife set to work one evening after the kids went to bed, and worked at it hard for a long time, but soon she was to the point of utter exhaustion, and Toby was tired of standing still for such a long time. He was anxious to go leave us a gift in an unknown corner of the house.

So, the Wife called it a night, even though only part of Toby's hair was cut. His head and most of his right side were very cute and short, but his left side still looked like an unshorn sheep. He didn't seem to care. And, with all the craziness going on around our house, the Wife hasn't had a chance to finish it. Toby's been like this for several days now. I am definitely not going to complain, though, because his silliness makes me laugh every time I see him. And you can't put a price on laughter. I'm kind of hoping the Wife leaves him like this forever. Maybe I should pay one of the kids to hide her shearing scissors. No matter where they put something, we can never find it. This sounds like a brilliant plan...
It was pretty much impossible for me to get a good picture of Toby. Either he wouldn't sit still, or I couldn't stop laughing. So, I drew this. It's pretty much exactly what he looks like from the back. He is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

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