Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Week of Firsts

If you haven't heard, the Baby has a new name, at least as far as this blog is concerned. We ran a big ol' contest here on the blog, with an actual prize and rules that were kind of thought out beforehand and everything. It was quite the well-run production if I do say so myself. If I happen to get sued over it at a later date I may change my opinion of the whole thing. But, so far, I would say it was a huge success.

So, the Baby will now be known as the Little One, provided that I remember to use that new name. As the Wife will willingly attest, sometimes my brain doesn't work all that well, so the Baby might slip into a blog here or there over the next few years, but eventually I should remember to use "the Little One" all the time. Wish me luck.

A new name is not the only new thing that's happened around here lately, though. The Little One has also thrown up for the very first time, and last night she was admitted into the hospital for the very first time. The doctors seem to think she might have pneumonia, or possibly RSV, or maybe the flu. Whatever it is, her oxygen levels are low, so they are keeping her in for at least another night to watch her. The Wife and I are wondering if maybe her oxygen levels have always been low, and that's why she's been ornery from Day One... That would explain some things! Hopefully she can get out soon. The Wife and I are not really looking forward to another night on the tiny pull-out sofa in her hospital room, but neither of us want to leave, either.
This is the approximate size of the "bed" the Wife and I are sleeping on in the Little One's hospital room. I am not trying to complain, I just want to clarify...

One nice thing about being in the hospital is that they have an awesome electronic "library" type system, in which they let patients and their families check out various electronic gadgets to play with in their rooms. This is my first ever blog post that I've written on an iPad, so that's pretty cool. Maybe if I write another couple hundred posts on one of these things I will get used to the strange "keyboard". On second thought, I think I'd rather get the Little One feeling better so I can go home and use my laptop. Sounds like a plan to me!


  1. Prayers to you all and "The Little One!" Take care..... Judy