Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Should Probably Be Ashamed of Myself...

Noise is something we have gotten used to in our house over the past 5 years. Before that, our house was really pretty quiet, except for the constant ear-ringing din of power tools from all the renovating we did, and the incessant barking by our two annoying and yippy dogs. I suppose there were some times when the Wife and I felt the urge to blare the radio till the cupboards rattled, too, but those times were few and far between.

All that noise paled in comparison to the noise three young children can make. When I look back on it, it probably would be more accurate to say that all that other noise paled in comparison to the noise one young child can make. When you add two more young children, the decibels can be mindblowing.

I should say that our kids aren't always loud. They are good sleepers, for the most part, and rarely do any screaming when they are asleep. And, if Mommy or Daddy have had a particularly rough day, and need some peace and quiet, we sometimes can get the kids to stop shrieking for a few minutes in succession.

The one time that the Wife and I really want them to be quiet is first thing in the morning. Being kids, they have a tendency to wake up before we do. And, being kids, the two older ones, who share a bedroom, tend to want to play. And, being kids, their playing almost always includes taking each others' toys, even though we have told them not to do such a naughty thing as that at least 4 billion times over the courses of their lifetimes. But it still happens every morning, which, in turn, causes the child whose toy was taken to erupt in a fit of overly-dramatic sobbing, which causes either their Mommy or I to wearily trudge into their room and calmly explain that they are being too loud, they woke up Mommy and Daddy, and if they wake up their little sister in the room next to them, Mommy and Daddy will be VERY ANGRY! Sometimes, this threat actually gets them to be quiet for up to 30-35 seconds. Those are some peaceful seconds, I tell you what.

Today, the early morning noise was multiplied by the fact that the kids' cousin, the Cousin, was at our house having a sleepover. She and the two older hooligans had all "slept" in the same bedroom, so they were all in there giggling, laughing, crying and shrieking. Since I was in and out of sleep, I am not sure how many times the Wife had already gone in to tell them to be quiet, but when I finally woke up enough to head in there, I told them that they had two choices: either they could be quiet and stay in their bedroom, or, if not, the only thing I could think of would be to put them in three separate rooms and cover their mouths with duct tape. I had no intention of actually doing that, not only because that would be overly cruel, but also because we don't have any duct tape in the house. It did seem to scare them a little though, since they were quiet for almost a minute. Even though I am slightly ashamed of my devious tactic, I would consider my threat to be a success! A dad has to do what a dad has to do...
I would never put duct tape on my kids' mouths, but seeing this, I might make them all a pair of matching socks with it...

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