Sunday, March 9, 2014

Photo Opportunity

Last week I announced the winner of our big "It's Time to Name the Baby" contest. If you missed the dramatic video of the announcement, make sure you check it out here. The winning entry, which came from a concerned citizen who also happens to be the Wife, is the Little One, so from now on, assuming I remember to do so, the Baby will now be known as the Little One, here on the ol' blog.

Choosing the Wife as the winning entrant might have been reason for the other contest entrants to revolt, so I decided to throw everyone's name into a hat and give the fabulous prize to whomever I happened to pull out.
That person is Ashlee H. This morning I had the chance to give Ashlee her fabulous prize, and I have photographic proof to back me up. I would say she looked very happy to get it, wouldn't you say?

All I asked is that Ashlee promised not to take her 500 cent gift card and buy up a bunch of pseudoephedrine to start a methamphetamine empire. She agreed, so we were good to go. Keep your eyes open for our next big contest. You never know, the next prize might even be more fabulous than this one was...if that's possible!

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