Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Secret is Out!

Thanks to everyone who voted for Chaotic Kids & Clutter in this year's Bloggie Awards! If you haven't heard, we won the award for Best Kept Secret Weblog. Maybe with the newfound fame this win might bring, CK&C won't be such a secret next year. I guess we'll have to wait and find out!

If you saw my previous post, there was a slight mix-up in the date of the awards ceremony. I thought sure it was supposed to happen tomorrow, March 31st, but in fact it happened a day earlier, today, March 30th. Thankfully I noticed that some awards were being announced on the Bloggie Awards facebook page, so the Wife and I sat down to watch the happenings after we put the kids to bed.

The ginger ale tasted oh so good tonight!
When I thought the awards show was going to be on Monday, I had formed a little plan to dress up for it in my best suit, have the two girls dress up in their fancy dresses (the Boy is not a big fan of dressing up), and celebrate with a bottle of bubbling grape juice and a nice spread of cheese and summer sausage. I was going to have some photos taken of us "arriving" at our front door, just like the famous people do at the Oscars. I even had an idea to put together some bags of "swag" to hand out to all of us. My swag bag was going to have some good stuff in it, like a sleeve of golf balls, some Lindt chocolate truffles, and maybe even some hand-tied trout flies. It was going to be awesome!

Since the ceremony snuck up on me a day early, I didn't have a chance to put all that stuff together. We didn't even have any bubbling juice in the house, so the Wife and I split a can of ginger ale. We poured it in our best wine glasses to make the night seem fancy. To be extra classy, I added an ice cube to mine. Finding out we won made it taste oh so good! Thanks again!


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    1. Thanks Kim! And thanks for being a loyal reader! You're the best!