Friday, April 4, 2014

The Color of Life

We are color-challenged in our house. Both the Wife and I find it nearly impossible to pick out paint colors for our walls. And over the years we have had plenty of walls that have needed new paint. Some because we moved into a new house and wanted to put our own personal touch on things, some because we had recently donned our somewhat-handyman hats and built some new walls. You'd think, with all the practice we've had, picking out new paint colors would be easy for us. But, every time it turns into a big ol' conundrum.

The house we moved into almost a year ago came with a bunch of not-quite-white walls. I'm not sure what the actual color was - it could have been Eggshell, or maybe Oatmeal, or possibly Dirty Milk, or even 5-Year-Old Tighty Whities That Don't Quite Come Clean...whatever it was, if you were to look at the walls, you would think they were white, despite the fact that the previous owner has told me several times that they weren't actually white.

When we moved in, we wanted to add some color. The first two rooms we decided to paint were the two bedrooms that the kids would be in. We wanted to get them painted before we moved in, because we didn't want to displace the kids for a couple of days at a later date. Thankfully we had some wall accessories already picked out for both of those rooms, so finding a paint color that went well was relatively easy. It only took us a few hours of hemming and hawing.

That was about a year ago. Nothing else in the house got painted, until recently. The Wife and I wanted to paint our bedroom next. It came with some nice blue drapes whose best characteristic was that they kept a lot of light out of our room. If we didn't have kids waking us up at Way-too-early-o'clock every morning, we could sleep until well past noon without knowing the day had already started. We love those drapes. So we thought we should probably get some paint that worked well with the blue color. But what works well with blue? A different shade of blue? Some kind of green? A yellow, or perhaps a faint red? How about a rusty medium dark grayish blue? We had no idea. We talked about the paint color of our room for weeks. Finally, we decided on a light bluish gray, and I quickly went to Menards before either of us could change our minds. I am happy to report that it looks great! Will wonders never cease?
How can we be expected to pick out a color for any of our walls when there's so many to choose from? Making adult decisions is hard...

Our latest paint puzzler is in our new office/craft room downstairs. We have put up brand new walls, so they need some brand new paint. It's kind of going to be my office for the most part, so the Wife told me I could pick out the paint color. Already she is looking back on that as possibly the worst decision she's ever made. I was at Menards a couple of days ago, and only had a few minutes before I had to go pick up the two older kids at preschool, so I quickly went through a couple of the seemingly endless amount of color swatch displays, trying to pick out a color. My eyes kept going back to one particular shade of green, despite my brain's better judgment. I made what might be called a rash decision, and took that particular shade of green color swatch up to the desk and bought a gallon. I still like the color, but upon showing it to the Wife, it was quickly apparent she did not share my feelings. I suppose the best part of my decision is that it's just paint - we can cover it up with something else in a few years. Knowing our track record, we should probably start looking for a new color right now!

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