Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Slow-Motion Multi-Room Tantrum

The Little One has thrown her fair share of tantrums in her two short years on earth. Actually, she has thrown her fair share, and several other toddlers' fair shares, too. I feel sorry for those poor toddlers who won't get to throw any tantrums because the Little One has already used up their allotment. I don't usually talk like this here on the ol' blog, but it sucks to be them. I probably should have warned you to put on your earmuffs before writing that last sentence. I apologize if I offended anyone.

So, any way, back to the tantrums. All of our kids are fully capable of throwing a tantrum every now and again, and again, but the Little One's tantrum-throwing ability far outshines her older siblings'. She can go off at the drop of a hat, for no apparent reason, and it can last for what seems like decades but probably is only an hour or two. And, I probably should admit that most of her tantrums only last a few minutes, but that doesn't seem as funny, so let's just keep that under wraps.

This is such a realistic depiction of the Little One during one of her tantrums, it's scary. Especially the bright red head...
In all reality, the Little One has turned tantrum-throwing into an art. She knows just how to do it the right way; how to get the maximum annoyance out of us while using the least amount of energy. It's quite the sight to behold. My favorite is when she starts to get mad in one room, then notices that neither her mom nor I are around to see her tantrum, so she calmly walks to a room that does contain one of us, where she comes over real close, carefully gets down on the floor, and then starts the tantrum up again, as if there hadn't been a break in between all the fits of crying and leg kicking. It's pretty awesome. It always makes me laugh when she does that, which probably makes her even more mad. If she could see how cute the whole thing is, I'm pretty sure she would start to laugh, too.

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