Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Two Hands, Please!!!

Whatever you do, do not sit next to the Boy if you ever have the chance to share a meal with him at his grandparents' house. For some reason, when we eat at their house, he is completely incapable of not spilling whatever it is he is drinking. It doesn't matter if it's milk, water, juice, or punch, it will get spilled. But, the weird thing is that he hasn't spilled at our house, possibly ever! I don't get it.

The Boy usually sits in between me and his aunt, Aunt S, when we eat over at the grandparents' house for dinner, which is a recipe for disaster, at least for Aunt S. For some reason, he never spills his drinks on me, but often spills them on Aunt S. I can vividly remember three straight meals in which he spilled his drink, with at least part of it ending up on Aunt S each time. She was not happy, which made it all the more memorable.
If you  see the Boy walking towards you with one of these, and you happen to be at his grandparents' house, run as far and as fast as you can!

We recently celebrated the birthdays of both of the Boy's sisters, the Girl and the Little One, over at the grandparents' house, and he set a new personal record. I had just gotten done telling him to be careful with his cup of milk, and to make sure he USED TWO HANDS. I mistakenly thought that my verbal warnings had taken seed in his tiny little brain, so I stopped paying attention to him and started to concentrate on my own plate of food. I barely looked away when his cup went flying, sending milk flying across the table, towards several guests. I reluctantly allowed a family friend to refill the Boy's cup, which again went flying within a couple of minutes, towards the same guests. Thankfully we all learned our lesson and didn't refill it a third time, because towards the end of the meal the cup hit the floor yet again, but this time it was empty, so there was no harm done. But that empty drop made three spills in one meal! That might not just be a personal record, that might be a new state or even world record! That kid...

A couple nights ago we found ourselves back at the same house for a large dinner party. The Boy was sitting quietly at the table, and thankfully there weren't many people seated around him yet. He had a tiny cup of punch, and was made to promise to be careful with it. I should learn to never trust a 3-year-old who makes such silly promises. Well, over his cup went, but thankfully there wasn't much in it, so nobody got wet. None of the guests seemed irritated about it, and in fact some of them had a silly laugh over it. Or maybe they were laughing at the steam coming out of my ears... it was hard for me to tell.

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