Wednesday, May 7, 2014

There's a Strange Magic in the Air...

There is definitely a strange magic in the air today, and not just because I've had the song "Strange Magic" by Electric Light Orchestra in my head for the past two weeks. I'm sure you must have noticed it. It's almost like an aura, or possibly an aroma, that is wafting around, making the world seem sparkly and effervescent. On my way to drop the two older kids off at preschool this morning, I saw some turtles doing the cha-cha across the road, and in a yard I saw a duck having a coffee with a wolverine. That is definitely some strange magic right there. Oh, and don't forget that my belly button has been puckering and unpuckering all morning. Yes, there's something magical in the air today, and I know exactly what it is: tonight is the opening night of my Recreational Church Softball League. Woohoo!!!

Can you see the strange "aura" around me? It's a magical day...
Every year I, and I have to believe every one else in the entire Upper Midwest, can feel the excitement as a new softball season bursts forth. I'm not going to say that it's a lot like the excitement you feel while expecting the birth of a child, but if you want to think that, I won't try and stop you. We won our league a couple of years ago, and came in second last year, so I am expecting great things out of the guys again this year. Wish us luck as we march towards another championship! And keep your eye out for wolverines. The magic only lasts a little while.

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