Monday, May 12, 2014

What Comes Right Before Part B?

Yes, we are throwing ourselves a party here today, because it's Chaotic Kids & Clutter's 2nd birthday! Woot woot! This blog burst onto the world innocently enough exactly 2 years ago, but since then has grown into the, well, um, I guess it's still pretty innocent, but maybe it's a little sillier now than it was at the beginning. It's hard to tell, because it was already quite silly back then, too. Innocent and silly. I guess that sums it up in a not-very-manly sounding way...

Yeah, I'd like to say that the blog has evolved a little since it was started, but, let's face it, if anything, I, personally, have probably de-evolved, and since I am the main brainforce behind this thing, the blog probably has too. Oh well.

Before I get back to all the party preparations, I would like to thank you, my loyal readers for being so, you know, loyal. It's been a big year around here, and you had a big part in it. You helped us win a coveted Bloggie Award, and we couldn't have done it without you. Your loyalty makes me want to keep sitting at my keyboard night after night, neglecting all my kids, dogs, and other responsibilities, so I can churn out all these silly stories. Thanks for everything!

Oh, that reminds me, we reached a billion* pageviews over the weekend, so we will be having a drawing for our Grand Prize Winner some time tomorrow. You have until Midnight tonight, CDT, to "Like" the Chaotic Kids & Clutter facebook page. If you do you will automatically be put in the drawing. We will have some kind of announcement in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks again for everything! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to finish flambeing the foie gras for all of our party guests that are coming over. (That's a code for "I need to go do some actual work for my actual job." If you ever see me writing about foie gras, know that it is a lie. There is absolutely no chance I will ever eat or even enter the same room as foie gras, which is a paste made from duck liver. That's gross.)

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