Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015, So Far

If you haven't looked at a calendar yet today, I've got news for you - it's 2015. We rang in the new year last night by putting our kids to bed at their normal 8 o'clock schedule, and then heading downstairs to the newly-renovated home theater/kids' playroom/kids' craftroom/spare bedroom/dungeon to watch a classic movie from 1993, The Sandlot. I had never seen it before, despite the fact that dozens, if not hundreds, of people had told me how great it was. I have a weird quirk -some people, like the Wife, would call it an annoying trait- in which the more people rave about a movie, the more I don't want to see it. Usually my intense stubbornness subsides eventually, but it could take years, if not decades for that to happen. In this case it only took about 5 years. I must be getting soft in my old age. Just don't ask me to watch Titanic...

I chose this photo because it was the most free one I could find, but it serves its purpose.
Any way, we watched The Sandlot, which was quite fun, and by 10:30 PM or so we were ready to call it a night. Which we did...and then when we woke up it was 2015. Not a lot going on around here today, except that we received the news that the nominations for the 2015 Bloggie Awards are now open! We were extremely fortunate to win a Bloggie last year, thanks to all our wonderful readers, so we thought we might as well try to win one again this year. If you feel so inclined, head over to and fill out the nomination form. I think this blog would fit into several of the award categories, so nominate us for whatever you think fits. If you do, I will be grateful forever, unless you somehow wrong me in the future, but we'll talk about that when it happens.

Hey, thanks for being a loyal reader in 2014, I hope you keep reading in 2015! Happy New Year!


  1. I am pleased to "meet" you. I have not seen the Titanic nor Sandlot and I have that same annoying trait- in which the more people rave about a movie, the more I don't want to see it! My teenage twins are forcing me to watch Breaking Bad... must say can't really see what all the fuss is about.
    Are you the same with books? If someone else you know becomes the next best thing to sliced bread in something you are doing, do you stop doing it? Found you at the weblog awards

  2. Thanks for the comment Lesley! I hope you stick around and read more posts. I am more open when it comes to TV shows, like Breaking Bad. I love that show, although I did not start watching it until it had been on for several seasons.
    I don't really read much, except for the same short humor stories that I have already read a hundred times. I only have a few minutes to sit down and read here and there, so short humor stories are what I read.

  3. I have the same natural inclination to avoid movies that are over hyped. I didn't manage to hold out as long as you on Titanic, but I tried. In the end, I actually liked it. Good luck on the Bloggies this year. You're getting a vote from me. Last year's award was how I found your blog in the first place. I have enjoyed reading it regularly. I can really relate to your posts. Then again, I do have a wife, kids, clutter, MN weather, and a not always recognizable as sane why wouldn't I? :) Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks Jesse! Don't tell me how Titanic ends, I may still watch it some day! :) Perhaps it's all that stuff you mention that creates a non-sane mind...don't tell my wife I said that. Thanks for the vote! I will try to keep the silliness coming.