Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Calling Everyone in the Community!

I have opened up a new chapter in my life. I have spread my wings and I've flown into a brand new world that is fraught with peril and fresh possibilities. I have...OK, I can't think of any other flowery metaphors at the moment. This new chapter really isn't all that amazing, any way. In fact, it's really not all that new at all, but I had to get you to keep reading, so I thought I would gussy this first paragraph up a little bit. I am such a fraud, aren't I?

I made the leap into the world of teaching Community Ed classes. Yes, I am now one of those people who claim to know a lot about a subject, and want you to pay to learn a little bit of what I know. I do know a lot about the topics I am teaching, that is true, but whether anyone wants to learn it from me is another thing all together.

I have started teaching fly tying classes in my community as well as several surrounding communities. So far it's gone pretty well. In the first session of classes I had five students, none of whom became expert fly tyers under my tutelage, but they also didn't impale themselves with any of the hooks we were using either...very many times. At least none of them had to go to the hospital, as far as I know. I am in the middle of the second session, in which I have three students, and they are all doing wonderfully. I think my teaching abilities have already gotten a lot better, so I am sure that all three of them will be quitting their jobs right after the last night of class to become professional fly tyers. I should probably warn them that they will probably have to move to Malaysia or Sri Lanka, since almost all of the commercially-tied flies that are sold in fly shops come from those two places...Hopefully we will stay in contact after they move, because they seem like good people...

I will be teaching these courses in three more communities this winter/spring, and I am planning on teaching some fly casting/fly fishing classes this summer, if I can find the time. Teaching and tying all these flies lately has made me want to get out and catch some fish, something I already don't have a lot of time to do, what with three small children in the house and all. So, maybe I will wait on the fishing classes. I guess you'll just have to check in your local Community Ed catalog to find out. If my class isn't listed that means I'm out on a local river teasing some trouts. Or staying home to do Daddy things. Or it might mean that you don't live in any of the communities the class will be offered in. If that's the case, I would strongly encourage you to move.
This is a fly I tied when I was a professional fly tyer, and I didn't even have to move to Sri Lanka to tie it.

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