Monday, February 2, 2015

...Like Candy

Is there something that kids like more than candy? I ask because every morning I think about the saying "They ate it like candy", even though our kids really don't eat all that much candy. Most of the time...

What they do eat a lot of is Kellogg's Special K with Red Berries cereal. I can't believe how much of this cereal they eat. My three children typically eat cereal five days a week, and during those five days we usually go through at least three or four boxes of Special K with Red Berries. That's almost a box per day. These are not teenagers I am talking about. They are still only 2, 4, and 5 years old. How can they eat so much cereal? My mind is boggled just thinking about it.
At least I don't let my kids eat a bowl of these for breakfast!

The Girl, alone, often eats three bowls of the stuff in a single morning, which might be an indication of why she comes home from Kindergarten most days without having eaten 95% of her lunch that her poor mother, the Wife, slaved over the night before, and why on most nights it takes her approximately three hours to finish dinner. I am not sure what to do about this situation, though. Personally, I love breakfast, and have been known to eat copious amounts of it several times a day. I also east copious amounts of lunch and dinner and several strategically-timed snacks throughout each day, as well, though. How can someone like me tell my sweet, impressionable daughter that she can't eat as much breakfast as she wants while I scarf down as many delicious over-medium eggs as I can get my grubby hands on?

It's a conundrum, I tell you what. I think the only solution might be to stop buying Kellogg's Special K with Red Berries and instead only buy cereal that is a little less "candy-like", like Corn Flakes or Wheaties or Grape Nuts, which are neither grapes nor nuts. Or maybe I can get them all to start eating eggs like their old man. After all, a little high cholesterol never hurt anyone, am I right?


  1. Your Special K is our PB Cheerios. Lincoln DEVOURS them

  2. PB Cheerios does sound good...