Friday, February 20, 2015

The Hanson Charm

Us Hanson dudes have been stricken with a type of charm that we, unfortunately, can't turn off. Oh, how I have often wished there were some kind of switch on me that, if flipped, would turn me into just another guy, but no. I, and everyone around me, must live with my charm turned up to eleven at all times. It's a burden I wouldn't wish on anyone...

Anyone except the Boy, that is! Yup, the little dude must have inherited some of his old man's swagger, because he just asked to have a play date with a couple of his friends from Preschool, both of whom happen to be girls! I don't know if I could be prouder of him if he had built a rocketship, flown to Mars, and brought back some little alien creature that looked like a green version of our annoyingly grumpy dog, Gromit. Or even if had gone out into the deep woods and brought home a Sasquatch to take the place of our annoyingly grumpy dog, Gromit. Yup, his Daddy is one proud dude right now.

Don't worry, since he got my charm, he probably also knows how to treat a lady. But just in case, I will teach him that he needs to treat these girls the proper way: with respect, courtesy and appreciation, and perhaps a tiny bit of fear. He will let them have the first choice of juice box. He will hold the door of the little play house open for them. He won't throw his wooden trains at them like he does his sisters. He is going to be one charming dude...
The Boy is gonna be one charming kid... Illustration courtesy of the Disney Company

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