Saturday, March 28, 2015


You would think that a title like that would mean this post might be about photos or photos of cute kids with big ol' toothless grins or photos of cute kids with big ol' toothless grins trying to eat corn on the cob. Or something photo related. But not on this blog. Oh no, when I write a title like "Cheese!!!" I really want to write about cheese. You know, the most delicious food on God's Green Earth. Yes, that cheese.

I love me some cheese, I tell you what. Thankfully, I have already passed on that trait to all of my kiddos. We all eat copious amounts of cheese on an almost-every-day basis. I would say that we do eat cheese every day, but I'm sure there has probably been a day at some point in one of our lives that one of us didn't eat cheese, so if I said that I would be lying. And, when I am writing my blog, I am nothing but truthful*.

We are fans of all kinds of cheeses in our household, from muenster to colby jack to provolone to our very favorite, Smoked Gouda. Smoked Gouda gets the distinction of being the very best of all the cheeses, at least according to us, and on this blog, no other opinions count, no offense to you and your jarlsberg. Since Smoked Gouda is the king of all cheese, we must give it the respect it deserves - it's not just little old smoked gouda. Oh no, it's Smoked Gouda, and if you can't tell the difference, you probably have never tasted Smoked Gouda before...

Yes, cheese plays an important role in our house, and it has for a long time, even well before it was our house in a certain suburb, and instead just my apartment in a totally different suburb. Yes, back when I was a helpless bachelor, cheese was a major staple in my diet. Some nights dinner would consist of a bag of sliced pepperoni and a stack of American cheese slices. Oh, and probably a beer, as well, since I still had the occasional drink back then. That is a dinner of champions if I've ever heard of one, am I right? It's a miracle I survived...

Thankfully cheese is really good for us, or at least I don't think it's all that bad for us. For one thing, it is full of calcium, which helps make strong healthy bones, a fact that I can attest to. Just a day or two ago I was at work helping to move things from our old offices to our new offices, which thankfully are just in another suite in the same building. We were moving a very heavy wooden desk that belongs to one of the bigwigs, and it slipped off of the dolly and landed directly on my big toe. Despite the instant shot of painful adrenaline that shot throughout my body and manifested itself as a muffled curse, my toe did not break, and really only hurt for a few hours afterwards. By the next morning, my toe was back to as normal as can be expected since it's part of me, and it is my belief that I have cheese to thank for that. So, if you want to have superhuman bones that can withstand the weight of a 300 pound desk falling on them, be like me and eat as much cheese as you can get your grubby hands on. Maybe you should stay away from bags of pepperoni, though, just to be safe. Unless you're a helpless bachelor, then anything goes.

* Please don't look back at previous blog posts to verify this claim...

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