Thursday, March 19, 2015

From Ornery to Enjoyable in 12 Short Months

March must be a good time to have babies. Last week we celebrated the Girl's 6th birthday, and today we are celebrating the Little One's 3rd birthday. It seems weird to think that we had all three of our kids in the same time span that it's been since we had our last one, if I can be as confusing as possible. In other words, we had three kids in three years, and now we haven't had a single kid in three years. For some reason I seem to prefer the latter option...or is it the former? I can never remember which is which.

In the past, if I have had the time to slap together a little video montage to celebrate one of the kids' birthdays here for the ol' blog, I have always chosen photos from throughout their lifetime, and the soundtrack, if you can call it that, has been me singing a personalized birthday song that I made up to the tune of some random Beastie Boys song that I used to listen to. I figured you, my loyal readers, are probably tired of that song by now.

So, for this, the Little One's 3rd birthday, I did something different. First of all, I only used photos of her from the past year of her life. If you have been reading this blog all along, you know that the first two years of her life she was by far the orneriest baby in the history of mankind. But then, when she turned two, a miracle occurred, and she gradually started transforming into a sweet, smart little girl who didn't cry and throw tantrums all day, every day. Oh sure, she still has her moments, but who doesn't? I know I sure do! But, in honor of her miraculous transformation from sourpuss to sweetheart over the past 12 months, I only included photos of her from the last year. And, to make things even more interesting, I used a different song for the soundtrack. Don't ask me where this song came from. It's a long story, but knowing that it's kind of a tradition for me to sing it on family members' birthdays should give you a hint as to how insane we all are.

Without further ado, I give you the Little One's 3rd birthday video extravaganza:

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