Friday, March 13, 2015

How About 6? 6 Is Good...Whaddya Got a Problem With 6?

The Girl turned 6 today. Since starting this blog I have made it a point to try to embarrass all of my kids, and probably myself too, as much as is humanly possible by putting together a photo slideshow of them aging throughout the years, accompanied by a soundtrack of my singing. Somehow, the Girl had gotten through life without being the subject of one of these "performances", up until now. Today is the day. Too bad it's so late in the day that she's already gone to bed. I will just have to show it to her tomorrow - I think during the middle of her very first "friends" birthday party will be a good time to do it...

Every time I make one of these videos, if you can call them that, I sing a birthday song that I made up, sung to the tune of some random Beastie Boys song that I haven't actually listened to in more than 10 years. If any of the living Beasties are reading this, consider this an apology for butchering your song. Please don't sue me.

When making these videos I also get to go through all of our old photos to find some good and embarrassing ones to include in the slide show. I realized today that the task of finding good photos is much easier when the subject is the Girl, who just happened to be our firstborn, meaning that there are approximately 5 billion pictures of her on our hard drive, compared to the several hundred of the Boy and seven of the Little One. The Little One's birthday is in exactly six days from now...I better start snapping some pictures!

Well, enough of all this hoopla. Let's watch the video, shall we? Maybe you should turn the volume down on your device before you hit play... Don't say I didn't warn you!

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