Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just like TMZ...

Have you ever wondered what Chaotic Kids & Clutter, TMZ, Occupy Wall Street, BibleGateway, Perez Hilton, and Humans of New York have in common? Yeah, me neither. But it turns out they do have something in common: these are all blogs that are finalists at the 2015 Bloggie Awards! Woohoo!
I would guess that the people at TMZ don't even realize they are up for the Best Entertainment Blog award, but for the rest of us (or at least for me), being a finalist is a pretty big deal. Yes, Chaotic Kids & Clutter is once again a finalist in the Best Kept Secret Blog category. If you were living under a rock for the past year, you may not realize that Chaotic Kids & Clutter actually won the Bloggie for Best Kept Secret Blog last year. I am not sure if I should be proud of the fact that we are still considered a secret or not...Then again, why not? An award is an award, am I right?

If you feel the need, I mean, when you feel the need to vote for Chaotic Kids & Clutter, it's real easy. Just head over to the Bloggie Awards website at, scroll down towards the bottom of the page where the Best Kept Secret category is, and vote. I suppose you could vote in other categories, too, if you want. What you do on your own time is none of my concern. Just remember that when you are voting for the Best Kept Secret Blog, you are on my time, so you better vote correctly. Got it? OK, have a great rest of your day! :)

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